Excellence in the outdoor markets is often reserved for an elite few.

The confluence of perfect product, brand positioning and marketing, and an A+ acquisition model is typically reserved for those who have already achieved scale or are folded into an outdoor conglomerate.  However achieving that critical mass is no longer reserved for brands with private equity partners or those who have been acquired.

The Critical Mass model is simple, build a collection of complementary and adjacent brands in the outdoor market.  High Price & low price, shirts & shoes, backpacks & fishing rods.  Leverage an elite team to build your brand with the efficiencies of a portfolio company.  Our shared cost model provides incredible savings to our brands while building a product, marketing, and acquisition program to drive momentum and velocity.
We extend the shared cost model to address rising customer acquisition costs.  Our brand selection process allows us to share acquisition cost amongst our client base creating incredible sales velocity and economics for your business.  Our collective size and scale allow us access to some of the most innovative and precision targeting technology today, exclusive to Critical Mass in the outdoor industry and available to our clients.

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